I know what you're thinking. Did I just find my way onto a golden retriever's personal website? I wish I could tell you yes. You'll have to settle for the next best thing — personal website of said golden retriever's owner. My dog thinks I'm's to hoping you do too!

this is my story

Let's take it back to 2006. Some might know it as the year High School Musical was released, but for me, it was the year I reached the pivotal milestone that is 6th grade. When I was a little nugget of a 6th grader — not much shorter than I am now, actually — it was a tradition for every student to share their dream careers in the yearbook. After pondering upon my options (Professional Athlete? Rockstar? Astronaut?), I settled with "Writer."


It's funny because a decade later, I still love writing, especially when it comes to writing jokes that only I find amusing. Writing will always be my passion, but as time has passed, my interests have grown to also include research and strategy, entertainment, marketing health and wellness, to name a few.



Storyteller / I enjoy discovering the heart of a story, and using witty writing to tell it like it is.


Runner / I enjoy running for fun. High school cross-country me would be so proud.


Master playlist makerI'm almost certain my 22 Spotify followers would agree.


Michael Scott is my hero / I own multiple Dunder Mifflin shirts. The Office is everything.


Golden Retriever enthusiast / Because owning one and following at least five on Instagram qualifies one as an 'enthusiast,' right?


Busy bee & perfectionist / I thrive off of a busy schedule and am a total list maker.


Graduate / I may still look 12 years old, but I've officially been part of the real world for a whole year.  


I am a creative at heart.


Take a look at my creativity in action & Check out My Work & My Writing below! 






Assistant Media Planner

Playa Vista, CA / June 2017 - Present

·      Execute and manage local and national media campaigns for Tile, Foster Farms, Cacique & CMAB.

·      Generate and analyze weekly DCM reports to monitor clicks, impressions and conversions for all campaigns.

·      Track, balance and reconcile budgets, and maintain relationships with media partners.



Ad Sales, Client Partnerships Intern

Universal City, CA / Jan. 2017 - May 2017

·      Compiled research and industry insights on 9 major movie studios and 9 target auto accounts.

·      Cross-checked release dates for upcoming movie releases and reflected date changes on all team trackers and documents. 

·      Developed & maintained monthly calendars with studio releases & vehicle launches that corresponded with NBCU networks’ programming premieres and finales.



Digital Publicity Intern

Century City, CA / Oct. 2016 - Dec. 2016

·       Assisted publicity team at a press junket for "Rules Don't Apply," and movie premieres for "Trolls" and "Why Him?"

·       Conducted film-related research and updated media contact lists on a daily basis.

·       Consolidated press clips for upcoming film releases. 



New Business & Social Media Apprentice

Playa Vista, CA / May 2016 - Oct. 2016

·       Wrote "Team One Morning Digest," to inform agency of top headlines and social trends of the day. 

·       Collaborated with agency members to create entertaining and informative Team One Blog posts.

·       Tracked media coverage and researched potential PR and new business opportunities. 

·       Conducted competitive analyses and background research.



Sales Intern

Burbank, CA / Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

·       Organized daily charts on Excel to track WBR artists’ songs and albums on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

·       Analyzed and compared amount of times WBR songs are streamed per week using Spotify Analytics

·       Conducted market research to create sales and marketing plan centered around upcoming album release

·       Explored and brainstormed retail marketing opportunities to promote WBR artists



Asst. Managing Editor, Executive Board

News Editor

Asst. News Editor

Los Angeles, CA / Feb. 2014 - June 2016

·       Assisted Editor-in-Chief and Executive Board to ensure newspaper met deadline

·       Planned news content for weekly print edition of LMU’s newspaper, as well as 6 days worth of online content

·       Constructed layout of 5 news pages per week on Adobe InDesign and wrote 3 to 4 news articles per week

·       Proofread and copy edited submitted news articles and supervised, trained and motivated 5 news team members

·       Actively sought out weekly story ideas and delegated weekly assignments to news team



Loyola Marymount University 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing  

M-School Institute of Marketing

Journalism Minor

Class of 2017


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