A look into the work I have been fortunate to create myself and collaborate on with others!

Emmaus: The Nature of the Way / I worked on social media and marketing initiatives for Emmaus: The Nature of the Way, a photography book portraying the humanity of 22 men at Loyola Marymount. 

LA2024 News Piece / Who will host the 2024 Olympics — Los Angeles or Paris? This video, which I created, filmed and edited, captures what it would be like if the City of Angels hosted the games.

The Fight For Food / An exploration into how the homeless population in Los Angeles obtains food. My partner & I spoke to homeless individuals ourselves, and created all of the content on the website

Office Hours / My M-School class was tasked with making the mundane magnificent. My group thought offices were seemingly mundane, but instead found individuality, expression and stories galore. 

Rebranding thinkThin / M-Schoolers were asked to rebrand the protein bar to a millennial audience. My group came up with repositioning of "thinkThin feeds your hunger just as your passions feed your soul." 

Check out our deck and the insights we gathered here!

M-School Application Video / The Challenge: Make a 2 minute video explaining why you should be in the M-School, an immersive and hands-on program focused on the world of digital marketing. 

GetMeOff2015 Campaign Case Study / For a semester, my M-School team aimed to combat phone use among college students. Read below to find out how it all played out! To download a copy, click here.


Gary Clark Jr. Sales & Marketing Plan - Warner Bros. Records / My internship project at Warner Bros. Records was to conduct research & create a sales & marketing plan for Gary Clark Jr.'s album release.